Updates and Looking forward to the future

It has been six months since my last update. Most of my projects from the last six months have been video related, including finishing up the “Journey to Everfree Northwest” promotional videos. I had a lot of fun doing those and I am hoping to do them again. I have included a playlist below. I plan to work on a behind-the-scenes video at some point. I also released a recording of Fawcett, Symons and Fogg from June. I really hope I can get the chance to see these guys more.

As for the future, I am trying to get some more gigs going. Right now, I am getting my name out as much as possible. So far I have done one booming gig and it looks like I have at least 3 possible gigs lined up. Along with these gigs, I am looking to upgrade my gear. I am slowly saving up some money from gigs and my job. Hopefully I can get enough to upgrade my gear in the next few months. I might have to see if people would like to help out though, depending on how things goes. If you are up to donating, my PayPal donation link is on the right. I also plan to update this page more including updating my profile page and adding more links to recordings on the live music archive.

Fawcett, Symons and Fogg
2014-06-04 | The Triple Door, Musicquarium
lma16 audio mp3 audio

The Mama Rags 2014-01-05, New Gear, New Project

Here is my newest recording, The Mama Rags at The Crocodile (Back Stage) on 01-05-14. This was my first time taping in this part of The Croc so I decided to experiment. I ran my near stage with a Wide-Card setup. Then I ran off the board to get the vocals. I think it worked out well, though if I was to do it again, I would do splits omnis/cards on stage and board mix.

lma16 audio mp3 audio

A few weeks ago, I bought some new gear. First, I was able to get a Panasonic AG-HMC40 camcorder from a friend of mine. I have only used it for a few gigs and I really love it. I also grabbed a Zoom H-6 so I can record at non-concert gigs. I am hoping to post pictures of the gear on my profile page as soon as I get a chance.

Last but not least, I have started a new project. I am doing a promo video series for Everfree Northwest. I am running my camcorder and directing. So far we have only done one video and we have several more planned in the future.

As far as concerts go, I don’t really have any more planned this month. I hope to release some of my 2014 recordings soon.

RIP Canon HF20 2010-2014

It seems that my camcorder has died. I tried to start it up at a show on Thursday, but it wouldn’t turn on. Even the plugin didn’t work. I am planning to replace it as soon as I can afford to, but for the time being I am sticking to audio for the remaining concerts. I am currently interested in this camcorder as it seems to be the newer version of my current camcorder. Or this one if I was aiming high or got some donations. Hopefully I can figure out something in the next few months.

2013, What a Year

Another year has come to pass. All in all, this was an uneventful year for me, but I am glad to get back into taping. I have a lot of plans for this year regarding taping. I am already starting to book a good amount of shows for January.

Anyways, below are my last released shows of the year. I will probably have some more to post later. Hopefully I will get to the Throwback Thursday posts, but that might be awhile. I hope everyone has a great 2014!

Taxidermy Western
2013-11-15 | Blue Moon Tavern, Seattle, WA
lma16 audio mp3 audio

Mama Rags, The
2013-11-15 | Blue Moon Tavern, Seattle, WA
lma16 audio mp3 audio

Fox Street All Stars 2013-10-09 & Throwback Thursday #1

foxstreetallstars.10.9 414x640

Here is my first recording with my new setup. I am pretty proud of this recording. Granted I had issues during Rippin’ Chicken‘s set. At least I was able to pull off a solid recording.

Also, I have started a new recording release plan called Throwback Thursday. I will try to keep it close to bi-weekly and Thursdays (at least for the blog). For this one, I am releasing the Sound Tribe Sector 9 2010 Seattle run at Showbox.

Finally, I got my R4 back and now I am deciding the concerts for the rest of the year. Keep your eyes peeled to the right for concerts I am planning to attend.

That is it for now. Here are the recordings:

Fox Street All Stars
2013-10-09 | Nectar, Seattle, WA
lma16 audio mp3 audio

Sound Tribe Sector 9
2010-02-20 | Showbox, Seattle, WA
lma16 audio mp3 audio
2010-02-21 | Showbox, Seattle, WA
lma16 audio mp3 audio

Back in this Crazy Game

Hey everyone, I am back. Did you miss me? Sorry for the long break. I just got my site back up and running after I decided to take it down back in June. Right now I am still trying to make this site look better so expect some hiccups until then. I am also planning to change the design later.

For those that don’t know, I have new mics. I bought a matched pair of AKG C414 XLS mics. I love these mics. Last night I ran for the second time at The Nectar for Rippin’ Chicken and Fox Street All Stars. Unfortunately, I had audio issues during Rippin’ Chicken’s set. I plan to post the Fox Street set on the archive.

Anyways, that is it for now. Expect a longer post in the next few days. I also have a few plans that would be weekly or bi-weekly.

2011 A Year in Review and another Kickstarter

Another year gone. This has to be the most interesting year I have had my whole life. I have had so many great moments this year. I became part of the greatest fandom that I have ever been a part of. I got to live one of my dreams and got the chance to be a part of great projects. Some of the highlights for this year:

Found a job in Seattle and moved up to that area. It is the best job I have ever had. I get to spend the whole day looking at Magic cards and they allow me to be as nerdy as I want to be. I could never ask for a better job and I hope to stay at Card Kingdom as long as I can.

Became a part of fandom that I love, the brony community. It is the best fandom I have been a part of my whole life. I have met so many great individuals in the past six months of being into it and I can’t wait to see what the future holds for this.

Lived the dream of being a boom man on The Collectibles. Seriously, Todd Downing, if you’re reading this, thank you. I have had so many people come up to me and say that I should do this or that with them and they never fall through. It feels so great to actually have a dream come true and I can’t wait to do it again this weekend and in February.

I am really looking forward to 2012. I already have some great projects lined up that I can’t wait to experience. The first one is the Kickstarter for my friends The Mongrel Jews. More info below.

I may revamp this page again. I still have my Paypal donations tab if anyone wants to donate. I also need to update all of the video playlists and finish up the concerts taped in 2011.

Well that is it. Hope everyone has a great 2012!

Projects that need help, Future

So this post like the last post is another post that really isn’t related to my live recordings but to other projects that I have been a part of. A few weeks one of my musician friends Rai Kamishiro was looking for someone to help her make a video for her kickstarter and I volunteered to do it. I am a fan of her music and I really want to see this album come out. If you are in to J-Pop and some other nerdy influences you should check it out and help out if you can.

Another great project that needs some help too is The Collectibles. I mentioned this web series on the last blog. On Monday they released their first episode and launched their Indie GoGo. Basically the show concept is “The Office” meets superheroes. It is a very funny show and I can’t wait to be a part of it again in November and January.

As far as the future goes, I have several projects that are still “in the works”. Once they get started and/or finished I will make sure to post the info here. One thing that I am looking forward to is being the the somewhat weekly videographer at The Ould Triangle on Wednesdays starting in October. This will help me get more bands to tape and right now that is something I need. I also have a concert that will involve me and a few videographers recording. I also have decided to take a break from releasing any live videos till I can figure out a way to get PluralEyes. I really liked that program and I rather not just continue with out it. Anyways that is it for now. Maybe I will update some concert stuff later. Peace.

August are you Crazy

So this month so far has been crazy (in a good way) and it is almost over. I have experienced many things that I am not going to post here, though they are my personal Facebook. Instead I am going to focus on two things that happened to me and relate to this hobby.

The first is something I have always wanted to do. During the weekend of August 13-14 I was the boom man for the upcoming web series The Collectibles. It was an awesome experience and I hope to do it again. You should seriously check out their Facebook (and like them of course) as there is a ton of photos and the first episode should be posted in the coming weeks.

The second thing that happened was that I was interviewed on The Bonebat Show. They are what I would call a potpourri music podcast, as in their podcast genres goes from metal to nerdcore and any where in between. Anyways, I am a part of their newest episode, Nerdwest Northcore! (mp3 in link). Stenobot & Tron Juan of Supercommuter and Klopfenpop were also interviewed. It also features music by Southside and Billy the Fridge.

The only other big thing I have planned out is PAX Prime. I haven’t been to PAX since ’08 and I can’t wait for this year. This will be more hectic (again in a good way) for me as I plan to capture as much footage I can. I will try to post the full calendar for PAX before I head out to it.

I also want to mention a few things. First, I have added a donate button a few weeks ago. The money generated from this will goes toward me upgrading to Sony Vegas Pro 10 and PluralEyes. If you can help out that would be awesome. I am kinda taking a break from uploading anything till I can afford to get those two programs. Second, I will have my dailylma from last month up early next month. I just have been super busy and I haven’t had time to post it. I also have several show reviews to post. Last, I am going to try to get my Profile finished too. That is it for now. Peace!

dailylma 07-06 – 07-08

So last week I decided I would start a topic on twitter called #dailylma. I can listen to music at work and I figured it was time to listen to my old recordings. The #dailylma (lma is live music archive) allows me tweet about shows that I am listening to at that moment and allows people if they want to go down a trip on memory lane with me. I figured it would also be a great weekly blog to post what I have listened to and to have the links for them on each blog and the shows page. For each week I will list each show by artist and I may include some shows that you can’t stream. All of the shows for these are available after the break.
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